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Dear Students ...

This site based on mutual learning between the students.It's content enrich by cooperation between the students and the teacher, management educational projects online and serve the Community for the betterment of Learning process and development of teaching methods

الطالبات المتفوقات بمعدل 100 بمادة حاسب 1

أبارك لطالباتي المتميزات اللواتي تفوقن بمادة حاسب 2 و تميزن بحصولهن على المعدل النهائي 100 , فخوره بكن كثيرا يارائعات  


lecture on volunteer work and the voluntary group Arb

A  lecture on volunteer work  for the students in the second school and the establishment of voluntary group Arb by great students  


The Educational project "teach me how "

Wonderful group of students set up an educational project "teach me how " for the students in the second  school


The energy project team

The energy project team visited the wonderful students in Primary school to to provide a fantastic educational project


Excellent students in the second period

Congratulations for my excellent students in computer in the second period, I thank you for your creativity in the curriculum


Scientific Research Presentation

All my wonderful students who interested in the scientific research and want to try special experience. here is a presentation file for the course that given before to explain how to prepar the research  



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المعلمة الالكترونية
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الغرفة الوردية
النظام المركزي
موقع موهبة
تواصل و أراء
مدونة كليب ارت
قناة فتاة الحاسب